Thursday, 6 December 2012

My first blog post; a brief introduction

Welcome to my blog Glamour doll lottie :)

Id like to say I'm a fashion and beauty enthusiast, a hoarder of foundations, and I appreciate the luxuries of higher end brands whilst still being the proud owner of many drug store items. I love all things girly, pamper nights, makeup, clothes, high heels and pretty hair! I've always enjoyed reading fashion/beauty blogs, especially reviews before venturing out on a quest to find a holy grail item. I've wanted to start my own blog for a pretty long time now, and thought it would be nice to share some of my thoughts and views on certain products that I come across and possibly do a few fashion posts I'm constantly on the lookout for new beauty products that will 'change my life' or at least until I find something better to replace it ;) So here's where I'll share my experience with my new beauty finds, and let you guys know my honest opinion !

I hope you'll enjoy my little beauty blog :) ♥ xo

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  1. a new follower :) your blog is very cute :) love the header :)